Dongguan Tindy Tin Box Manufacture Co.,Ltd established in 2003. We are a professional tin box manufacturer in China.Specialize in High Quality Tin Products such as Cookie Tin Boxes,Chocolate Tin Boxes, Cake Tin Boxes, Coffe Tin Boxes, Tea Tin Boxes,Gifts Tin Boxes and etc.
We can complete your samplesin 10 days.Our monthly capacity is 500,000-unit. Our worker check every stage of production,and prior to shipment our QC inspector will check the product in ISO 9001:2000 standard.
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  • Tin box manufacturer in china:Do tin boxes rust?
    Pubdate£º 2018-08-26
    Tin box manufacturer in china:Unless the metal constituting a decorative tin is galvanized, it can easily play host to blooms of rust, which can spread and corrode your collectible before you know it.
  • Color identification of tin cans
    Pubdate£º 2018-04-25
    Tin box manufacturer in china: pure tin, color as silver, bright as a mirror! The tin ware containing 97% is dark and bright although it is not white after polishing; The 99.9% tin ware appears silver bright after polishing, which belongs to superior tin ware and looks like silver ware
  • Tin box sound identification
    Pubdate£º 2018-04-25
    Tin box manufacturer in china£ºPure tin material has good ductility. It is called "Xiangxi" because of its distortion and sound.
  • Tin box manufacturer in china
    Pubdate£º 2018-04-13
    Tin box manufacturer in china:A tin box is a tinplate container.Tinplate metal is primarily steel with a very thin tin coating.Tin-free steel is also used. In some cultures,these boxes or cans are referred to as "tin boxes" or sometimes even "tins".Many¡°tin boxes"have hinged or removable lids or covers.Some people collect tin boxes as a hobby.
  • tin box manufacturer in china
    Pubdate£º 2022-11-17
    tin box manufacturer in china
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