Quality discrimination skills for paper spice tin

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Quality discrimination skills for paper spice tin

Here is a brief introduction to the quality discrimination techniques of spice tin. Because professional testing or testing equipment is generally not used when making a purchase, we will introduce how to visually distinguish product quality through appearance, odor, and other methods.

1. Look: First, check if the appearance is smooth and shiny. Paper spice tin are paper products that may regain moisture and become moldy during transportation and storage. So first, you need to check if the appearance is smooth and shiny without any mold.

2. Smell: Spice tins are all glued together. The smell of glue directly reflects the quality of the glue. A good glue should be organic glue, with a non pungent odor. If the odor is very pungent, it indicates that the quality of the glue is not good. This not only affects the quality, but also causes your product to attach an odor.

3. Pressing: It is relatively tight and will not scatter during the rolling of the product, which will affect the rolling of the product. Therefore, when selecting, it is necessary to manually test the tightness of the product.
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