• Color of tin box
    Tin box manufacturer in china£ºPure tin is as bright as silver and mirror! The tin ware containing 97% is dark and bright although it is not white after polishing; The 99.9% tin ware appears silver bright after polishing, which belongs to superior tin ware and looks like silver ware
  • Purity of tin box?
    Tin box manufacturer in china£ºThe higher the purity of tin ware, the more durable it is. It is not only harmless to pack food, but also can keep it fresh for a long time; Tin ware with low purity is easy to deteriorate and not durable enough to hold food
  • Are the tins safe for food products?
    Tin box manufacturer in china:Decorative tins are an accepted package for food products. We can provide FDA approved inks and coating documents from our suppliers.
  • Why should I use metal packaging?
    Tin box manufacturer in china:Packaging presents a marketing and branding opportunity not to be missed and is an essential ingredient in the success of any product.
  • What is your standard lead-time?
    Tin box manufacturer in china:4-8 weeks with existing moulds and your artwork. Items requiring to open a new mould will require a longer lead-time.We can offer control as well as flexibility and timely delivery for our customers.
  • If I want to get my tins in time for some special holidays or festivals, do I need to order it earlier?
    Tin box manufacturer in china:It will be better if you can plan ahead as much as possible. If there are deadlines that need to be met for the order, let us know as early as possible. We can work arrange everything for you according to your deadline. Coz any changes may delay the final shipment of your order. So, we encourage you to plan ahead .
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