Method for quality inspection of food spice tin

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 Everyone knows that there are strict requirements for hygiene permits and quality when using food grade spice tin. But it is difficult for us to independently inspect the quality of food grade spice tin when purchasing. Below, we will introduce several inspection methods for everyone:

1. Labeling: Whether the labeling is tight, whether there are bubbles, whether it is smooth, whether it bulges after installing the easy to pull cover, and whether the labeling is sealed inside the easy to pull cover

2. Inner wall: Whether the inner wall of the spice tin is smooth, free from scratches, dirt, and completely sealed.

3. Easy to pull cover: Use your hand to check if the edge of the easy to pull cover is loose, if the touch edge is smooth, and if it has caused deformation of the aluminum platinum inner wall opening

4. Whether the easy to pull cover and bottom cover are glued, and whether the expansion has damaged the aluminum platinum edge of the easy to pull cover, with no dirt on the appearance.

5. Check if there are any paper scraps at the connection between the easy to pull cover and the paper tube, and if there is complete sealing
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