Design requirements for spice tin

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Design requirements for spice tin

Spice tin are not only required to meet food safety requirements, but also to meet conventional requirements such as dust, moisture, and waterproofing. Nowadays, people also have high requirements for the exquisite appearance of product packaging. Spice tin need to have a place in packaging, not only by meeting routine requirements. It must also conform to people's aesthetic design and production. Below, we will introduce the relevant requirements to everyone: 1. There should be a professional appearance design, which can improve the grade of the product. 2. In terms of material, it is necessary to use paper materials with high safety. Moreover, the material must also have plasticity and a certain level of strength, ensuring exquisite appearance design and strength for transportation and preservation. 3. Designers must possess design capabilities, have experience in high-end gift packaging design, and be proficient in various design software tools.
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